The Gamblin’ Mormon

All of a sudden the buzz was that come next year, the Celtics fade would be full on and flat our. Too old. The fight in the East would be between, the Heat and the Knicks. Then Ainge started shuffling the pieces. Frankly, I can’t quite figure out if they’ve improved themselves or not. Certainly they seem to have improved vastly at the forward spot. I think Ainge has long coveted Jeff Green. Ever since he drafted him, traded him and essentially got Ray Allen in his spot. Neat shift. Acquire Ray Allen with several prime years left and Green gets seasoned, then get him back. Now That’s long range planning. I’d guess that Ainge looked at this year’s most likely playoff matchups and decided that the loss of Perkins was worth it to acquire Green. So I like that move, even though I kind of liked Perk. They’ve definitely dropped a notch or two defensively, but have more than overcome that with improved firepower. And firepower is what Ainge thought they have been lacking. Only the playoffs will validate his thinking.

But dumping Erden  (and Haragody) for nothing, seems a bit excessive. Seems to me that with the loss of Perk, the retention of Erden would have been a priority – at least for this year. Daniels just for cash? I guess all these moves (other than the Green for Perk and Robinson deal – Shrek’s gone but the Donkey lives on) were for next year and the future. I’ve always liked Daniels, but I don’t think Doc ever did. And I admit he  has been injured a lot.  And I know next to nothing about the center they got .

Ainge is certainly already wheeling to revitalize the franchise after what he believes is their last shot for awhile. And he’d like to do it quicker this time than last time. It’ll be interesting to watch.


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