Get Low ~ (USA, 2009) ~ DVD

Felix Bush decides it’s time to “get low”. Underground. Reach the end of the line. Buried. In Get Low, Robert Duvall plays the 40-year hermit who has secrets buried in his heart. Thing is, he’s buried them on purpose so as to never let go of the self-loathing that haunts him for a deed that occurred in his youth. So he decides to throw a funeral party, with himself as the guest of honor. Initially, the idea was that people would come and tell stories about him as a farewell. But really he’s bursting to unburden himself, he just doesn’t think he can do it. He wants to, but is afraid he’s unable.

Sissy Spacek plays the sister of the love of Felix Bush’s life. As love goes, Spacek’s character (Mattie Darrow) was in love with Bush herself, and her sister was already married. A volatile triangle. We don’t seem to see a lot of Sissy anymore. Too bad, because I’ve always liked her since her Carrie role and her role in Altman’s 3 Women. And of course there was her Oscar winning performance in Coal Miner’s Daughter (1981). She was also excellent in Big Love.

Bill Murray plays Bill Murray as usual. Why not? He’s got a good gig going on. Here he’s a funeral parlor owner who grabs at the chance for some ready cash and accommodates Felix Bush in his desires. Robert Duvall is on par with Bill Murray as an actor these days, playing himself – or at least some idea of himself. I have to say though, that the funeral oration/confession he gives here is a nice touch, even if he hovers on the edge of caricature.

Get Low is an acceptable DVD rental, one of those films you’re glad you didn’t spend ‘real’ money on. That way, you can enjoy it more.



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