Blue Tooth and Grey Matter

The NIH has added fuel to the fire about brain tumors and cell-phone use. Long a suspicion of some, the study shows an increased level of activity in the brain when using a cell. When my tumor was diagnosed, my doctor actually brought it up herself, as an unfouded suspicion. I actually had not thought of it. I was late to the cell phone culture anyway, and I logged an extraordinarily low amount of “minutes”. I’m probably in the last percentile of cell phone users, for logging time with my ear to the cell.

The study does show that cell phones do something to the brain – they just don’t know wtf that is. I’m more concerned with staring at my computer most of the day and answering e-mails. Some suggest that the use of headsets – just to be safe – is the way to go. Me? I’m gonna invest in bluetooth.

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