Stone ~ (USA, 2010) ~ DVD

Stone is a ponderous film, that believes too much in its own importance. It would have been a much better film if its primary goal was to entertain. It’s much  too self-aware for its own good. You’ve got some pretty good actors to work with here: DeNiro, Ed Norton and Milla Jovovich. Between them, they set the table for a murky mystery, with motives buried, lines blurred, and intentions just not apparent. Then they had to muck it up with stuff to try and make you think!

The existence of God, the hand of fate, reincarnation, redemption, at one with the Universe….I’ll take the prison parole drama please, with the retiring parole officer, closing out his last cases, with a bump and a grind from Ed Norton’s (Stone) screen wife Lucetta (Milla Jovovich) to sweeten the pot. Hold the sauce and no sides please!


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