Buried ~ (Spain/USA, 2010) ~ DVD

So, there couldn’t have been a big budget for this one. There’s only one location –  inside a wooden box supposedly buried in the Iraqi desert somewhere. That’s it. Ryan Reynolds plays Paul Conroy, a truck driver for an American contractor in Iraq. He wakes up in darkness (the movie opens to a dark screen for a few minutes) and after he comes to, he realizes he’s confined in some kind of box, which looks suspiciously like a coffin from the inside.

He finds a lighter, and eventually a cell phone and tries to reach the outside world. He has the typical problems we all face when we have to connect to somewhere for ‘help’. Finally, Paul connects with a hostage rescue team, who haven’t had much success in the past. He is forced to make a hostage video (on the cell phone) and it goes viral while he’s still buried alive. He also is called back (he had left a message after the beep) by the personnel director of the company who hired him. Talk about your exit interview…

The film is rather gripping and tense, I’ll give it that. The twist at the end is appropriate and hokey at the same time. I’m not sure that this claustrophobic film can really be classified as daring, but it’s certainly different. And inventive with the lighting. There are only so many ways you can light the inside of a coffin, right? And director Rodrigo Cortes tries ’em all. Buried is a concept film that drives the concept home. You could do worse than this rental.


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