The contrarian in me

Roman numerals are pretentious as applied to sporting events. XLV indeed. I won’t be watching any commercials and I won’t be watching the half-time show. I’ll watch some of the game as long as it’s interesting. I am ‘rooting’ for Green Bay, as I have no use for the Pittsburgh QB. But part of me would like to see Pittsburgh win to tweak the Patriots lap-dogs. It irritates them that Roethlisberger (if he wins), would be seen as a winner and Brady as a loser (when it counts). In the last three “post-seasons”, Golden Boy has not exactly torn it up.

Ultimately, though, <yawn>…I could really care less.



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2 responses to “The contrarian in me

  1. True story: Back in 1996 when my son was eight, one January afternoon walking home from school he started asking me about the Super Bowl — what exactly did they do? (We didn’t own a TV most of the time he was growing up, so he can be excused for this.) “Play football,” I told him. “Is that all?” he asked. “Well, there’s the halftime show, and there are cheerleaders.” He had me describe what went on in detail, and thought to himself a little longer. Finally he asked me, “So then why is it rated triple-X?”

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