The American ~ (USA, 2010) ~ DVD

George Clooney stars in the hitman for hire thriller who wants to leave the game. Nothing much new there, it’s a standard theme of the genre. Jack (Clooney) is  The American, a master weapons maker, and he’s been assigned to craft a weapon for a woman who has been hired to assassinate someone. The crafting of the rifle (with suppressor) is not action packed (that comes later), but it’s a fascinating study. While hiding out in a small Italian village, Jack becomes enamored of a gorgeous prostitute (Violante Placido) Clara, and she of him. Another standard theme.

But I quite liked it. The film gives us several tense moments, and Clooney is just a consummate actor. He seems to always give us something different. Here, he does something with his mouth, I’m not sure what. It’s like he’s chewing on some nuts or something all the time. These kind of Clooney ticks are what always make him so watchable. And adds color to his characters. He doesn’t just play himself all the time like some other actors. And Violante Placido is watchable too. And watchable, and watchable.

The ending though, left something to be desired. There are films that end, and you know they couldn’t have ended any other way, even if it leaves you unsatisfied. Then there are those films that seem to have no idea how to conclude. Unfortunately, this was one of those. Nevertheless, an entertaining film from the genre. Taken for what it is, and overlooking a few flaws, not a bad DVD rental by any means.


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