Of shoehorns, sports talk and roof rakes

As I was putting on my hiking boots this morning, I told myself I needed to get a “shoehorn”. A shoehorn, huh? I was struggling a bit with the high backs…After dressing myself, I began my short drive to work, and tuned into ‘sports talk radio’. After getting myself a second cup (the first one is good only for the drive in), I sat down with a co-worker and he was telling me all about roof rakes. The need for, the necessity of, the fear of collapsing roofs.

Meanwhile the Middle East is having a nervous breakdown.

Then it hit me.

These are ole folks thoughts. I’ve never owned a shoehorn in my life. And I used to ride to work listening to music. Now its people shouting  over each other to expound on ‘their” team, and the chances of wining or losing. Lazy thinking. Listening to opinions – each as good or invalid as the next – rather than seeing to the things that matter, understanding the world around us, while it’s still around. Us. Roof rakes are a metaphor for shaking out the cobwebs, getting the load off the top, scraping the frozen and fossilized ways of thinking away. Winners and losers. Heard the news? We’ll all lose sooner or later. And be shoehorned into the box. Stay out and awake as long as you’re useful. Otherwise crawl into the fetal and validate the fossilization.


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