Lebanon ~ (Israel, 2009) ~ DVD

Yes, this is the Israeli Das Boot. There. I got that out of the way. It seems to be obligatory to throw that in somewhere. Not that is isn’t true in many respects. The claustrophobic tension is  certainly palpable in both films (though it’s been many years since I saw the 30-year old Wolfgang Petersen  film).

What is different about Lebanon is the level of political claustrophobia added to the layers physical claustrophobia. The politics of WWII were simple, compared to the 1982 Israeli offensive in to Lebanon. The inside view of a tank crew is undoubtedly fascinating. But for a more probing view of the same war, it doesn’t hold a candle to 2008’s Waltz With Bashir. That film was simply brilliant. This one is gripping in a tension filled way, but the politics are stroked with broad brushes, lacking the subtlety of Bashir.


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