Calendar Girls ~ (UK, 2003) ~ DVD

There are some movies that have been in my DVD queue for as long as I can remember. I keep pushing them down and going for newer releases. But sometimes they move up to the top (or the top ones are skipped over) and I get an unexpected red envelope. Like, I can’t even remember why this movie (Calendar Girls) got in my queue in the first place. Ah, it must have been solely on the basis of the presence of Helen Mirren. As good a reason as any.

Teemed up with Helen Mirren (Chris) is Julie Walters (as Annie), whose husband is diagnosed with cancer and succumbs quickly. The two, along with their friends at a women’s social club in Yorkshire, decide to raise money for a memorial wing (or a couch at least) at their local hospital. How? By posing for a chaste nude calendar. Things take off, they make tons of money, go to Hollywood, and sort of forget what it was all about in the first place. But this is light fare, so everything works out in the end.

Mirren and Walters are great together as best of friends. Ciarán Hinds is his usual big, stoic self as Mirren’s movie hubby. The film itself, is not daring or otherwise inventive, but its diverting fluff, and worth a few laughs.


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