Altitude ~ (Canada, 2010) ~ DVD

You know what happens in movies when you don’t follow your parents advice or instructions. Things just seem to go to hell from there. Here, a young female pilot decides to take four of her friends on a flight to a Coldplay concert (she’s a pilot but her dad, a military man doesn’t know that). So she rents a plane and off they go. Altitude is an attempt at claustrophobic suspense and horror. One of those movies that is not quite sure just how to play their cards. If it had stuck to the fear of flying fears and withheld the monster in the sky aspect, we might have been presented with a better film.

As it is we have a scenario where the action has been predicted in a comic book. Complete with dialogue lifted from the pages of a horror comix. Ironic, since the dialogue is pretty comical in itself, mostly  consisting of a lot of shouting and the recurring line: “Shut up! Just shut up”. Good advice.


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