Somewhere ~ (USA,2010) ~ In Theaters

Ah, the existential angst of the rich and famous! I so wanted to like this film, but unfortunately it’s a miss. I know Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation) has to write/direct what she knows, but this one will have trouble connecting with an audience. Well made, well, paced, well acted, well photographed.  All that. But flat.

The film opens with a shot of a Ferrari speeding around an oval track. Over and over. About six times at least, I think. Even I, who accepts these kind of scenes for what they are, was starting to get antsy. Then there are two (yes, two) segments of pole dancers in the actors hotel room. The actor says virtually nothing, and the dancers just do their thing to their boom box and portable poles.

Starting to get the picture? This is a film of a person increasingly bored with his purposeless life and looking for ways to fill up his time. This is accelerated by the visit of his young daughter whom he realizes is growing up quicker than he might have realized. Life is passing him by, and those that should be most important to him will be lost to him all too quickly.

Stephen Dorff is well cast as the actor and Elle Fanning is quite good as his daughter. This is surely a film that is better left for the day it arrives in your mailbox as a rental DVD.


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