Inception ~ (USA, 2010) ~ DVD

God, there’s Pete Postlethwaite who just died, playing a man dying. That was weird. Anyway, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a mind thief who sells his talents  as an industrial espionage agent. He does this to get his “life back”. He’ll only be let back in the country if he succeeds at his mission. Well….

Far from the visionary sci-fi thriller that many seem to be tripping over themselves to laud, I found it oddly overwhelmed by the conception. Forget the Inception. This left little time to have fun. Bogged down by the details of concept, somewhere they forgot to entertain us. Oh, I’m sure that there are many who will be slack jawed by the sheer balls of the ideas, but I’d sum it up in one word: Eh!

There are some great scenes, particularly one of the earlier ones with Ellen Page and DiCaprio, where she has been recruited as a dream landscape architect. Didn’t know there was such a thing, did you? This involves mirrors and the images therein folding in on each other until you don’t know where the reflection ends and the real person begins. Until Page pokes the glass, shattering it. Clever.

Other than that it’s a lot of summer blockbuster buildings falling down, explosions, and shootings. This film has the most automatic gunplay with the least accuracy I’ve ever seen. How many times can the side windows be shot out in the SUV and no one has a scratch on them. Towards the end there’s a long winter scene – white on white that just seemed endless. Bored the crap out of me.

I’ve really enjoyed several of director Christopher Nolan’s films. Curious, I looked up the budget for the ones I’ve seen. Oddly enough (or maybe not), there is an inverse relationship between cost and my preferences. Hmmm

Memento ($5 million)

The Prestige ($40 million)

Insomnia (46 million)

Inception ($180 million)


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