Temple Grandin ~ (USA, 2010) ~ Premium Cable

When I saw that Claire Daines (great in Me and Orson Welles) was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in this HBO film, I thought I’d seek it out. Daines, whose nomination for Best Performance by an Actress In A Mini-series or Motion Picture Made for Television, is certainly worthy. I haven’t seen any of the other performances in this category, but I can’t imagine there is a better turn than this. She’s also well supported by Julia Ormond (Che), as her mother, and David Strathairn (The Whistleblower), as her mentor.

Daines plays Temple  Grandin, a real life person, with autisim, who for the most part grew up on a ranch and fell in love with the animals, especially the cows. Not only did she have to overcome the barriers that autism placed in her way, but as a woman working on cattle ranches, feed lots and slaughterhouses, she had to endure the good ‘ole boy network as well. Grandin’s autism manifests itself in her highly developed visual sense, enabling her to see things in ways others cannot. It seems to me an honest presentation of autism, aided by creative camera work and visuals. Well-crafted.

The film itself has been nominated as well. It will have you rooting for Temple all the way.



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2 responses to “Temple Grandin ~ (USA, 2010) ~ Premium Cable

  1. Paradigm

    I’ve read several books on autism and met some “aspies” and I find it hard to believe that she is autistic. I remember one expert in the field implying this also (forgot which book I’m sorry to say).

    Two things about autistic people is that they lack empathy and intuition whereas Grandin is described as having these skills much more developed than the average person. Doesn’t make any sense.

    That said, it could still be a great movie if you can take the whole autism thing as a premise. Otherwise I’d recommend Snow Cake with Sigourney Weaver.

  2. Hi. Like most things related to ‘autism’ there seems to be as many gradations of the condition as there are theories as to causality. I have not read books on autism, so you likely know more than me about it. I thought this link
    (http://www.scn.org/autistics/empathy.html) was interesting at any rate.

    Thanks for the suggestion for Snow Cake. I had not heard of this one, but anything with Sigourney Weaver is alright in my book.

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