Knowing ~ (USA, 2009) ~ Cable

I sure don’t know about Nicolas Cage’s taste in scripts. It would be hard too think of an actor who has appeared in such a dreadful series of movies. First of all he works like a maniac – 26 movies released since 2000, and six more is various stages of production. Never has an actor amassed such a huge but forgettable body of work.

Except for 2002’s Adaptation, you’d need to go back to the 90’s and even the eighties to see his quality work: Red Rock West (1993), Face/Off (1997), Moonstruck and Raising Arizona (1987), Leaving Las Vegas (1995). Is he just going through the motions, or does he no longer have a clue what he wants to do?

Knowing is another tepid tale that is supposed to be suspenseful, yet cops out in the end. In 1959, a time capsule is buried with pictures of what young students believe life will look like in 5o years time. One student (Lucinda) takes the assignment seriously and predicts the disasters of the next 50 years, in code of course. When the capsule is dug up, Cage’s son gets the paper with the strange numbers written all over it. Cage of course cracks the code, and naturally everyone thinks he’s gone over the edge. When events prove him right, it’s too late.

Whoops. There’s that tree of life in the open field again. The most used prop since The Lone Ranger’s rock.

[EDIT 1-8-11: Cage’s new film Season of the Witch opens at 1% on Rotten Tomatoes, That’s pretty low even by Cage’s recent standards]


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