Micmacs ~ (France, 2009) ~ DVD

Well, here’s a movie that will put a smile on your face. It sure did on mine. Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who has brought us such quirky and fun films as Amelie and Delicatessen, has rolled out Micmacs, as unlikely a film as you’d want to see about international arms dealers. Jeunet is one of those directors who has a very distinctive style. There are sure to be those whoo don’t care for that style, but quite a few who will find him thoroughly enjoyable. The worst that can be said of Jeunet films  is that they are too whimsical. Well, I vote for whimsical. We all can use a little more of that in our lives. Or you can go see Tron or some shite.

When a video store clerk whose father had been killed by a landmine, gets struck in the head by a stray bullet, he finds that the weapons were produced by the same industrialists. This sets off a series of unlikely (but in Jeunet’s world, perfectly plausible) events that will have you riveted with the imagination and inventiveness of one of France’s most popular directors. He’s known for his jury-rigged playfulness and romantic heart.


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