The Disappearance of Alice Creed ~ (UK, 2009) ~ DVD

This British kidnap thriller pushes the boundaries of the genre just a bit. It only has a cast of three, but delivers the twists all the same. Entertaining and disturbing at the same time, Gemma Arterton (RocknRolla, Pirate Radio) plays a young woman kidnapped for a large ransom. Two ex-cons are the culprits, and wait until you see what they have cooked up.

Very low-budget, this film had its world premiere at TIFF ’09 and its 4th festival showing at this years Tribeca. I eyed it both times, but never got tickets for it. I’m glad I finally got a chance to see it on DVD. It’s a fairly violent film, but the surprises come fast and furious towards the end of the film, so as not to dwell on the brutality.

The opening is a teaser as well, as these two go about their preparations without so much as a word – just the sound of electric screwdriver and nail gun. It’s obvious these guys are up to no good, and this scene sets the tone. Just how much no good they’re up to will all be revealed in time. Definitely worth a look-see.


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