3-Iron ~ (South Korea, 2004) ~ DVD

Ki-duk Kim directed this moody, quiet (there’s very little dialogue) meditation on the nature of stasis and flux, change and the quest for peace amidst the impermanence of life. Tae-suk is a phantom who lives nowhere. He finds out what houses people are away from and enters them for a night or two, taking digital pictures of his visits, eating dinner, watching tv, doing small home repairs,watering the plants and even doing some laundry before he leaves. When he enters another house that he thinks is vacant, he encounters Sun-hwa, a former model married to an oppressive man who sometimes knocks her around.

Tae-suk rescues Sun-hwa from her depressing existence and she joins him for awhile on his adventures. Eventually though, the escapades catch up with them, Tae-suk is arrested and Sun-hwa’s husband takes her back, unwillingly to their home. In jail, Tae-suk becomes an increasingly amorphous  presence. Aided by the fact that Tae-suk speaks not a word in the film, his ghostly presence is exaggerated.

A quiet and unusual love story, these two have found their soul-mates.


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