Patti, Distracted and Richmond Fontaine

I got the news from an LP tweet. I had felt a swell of late for Patti Smith’s memoir of her Chelsea mornings and days and nights with Robert Mapplethorpe and the whole scene back in the day. So I wasn’t surprised that she won, and I’m happy for her. It’s a book I had read when it first came out and I had mixed feelings about it. I liked it, but didn’t love it. And I had so wanted to love it, with the great respect I have for Patti. So I’ve been actually thinking a lot about her book of late, wondering if I missed the boat on it.

So I thought, let’s listen to some Patti Smith. I pulled up my digital collection and Richmond Fontaine caught my eye. I ended up listening to that instead (Willy Vlautin fronts the band). I really love title song on Post to Wire, the really, really lovely duet ‘tween Willy and Deborah Kelly. A song too short. I’m in that low-fi mood anyway. Maybe I’ll rock out Patti this weekend.


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