London to Brighton ~ (UK, 2006) ~ Netflix Stream

London to Brighton pulls no punches in its grittier than thou realism. Paul Andrew Williams’ film is a slice of British gangster life that will have you running for the shower after its over. Told in a sneaky flashback style, we first see two women – well, a girl and little girl – as they dart into a public bathroom. They are hiding from something or someone, and we’re about to find out who or what. It’s 3 AM in London. Turns out that Kelly is a prostitute and her pimp has forced her to procure the services of a very young girl for illicit purposes. She finds Joanne (12 or 14, depending) and lures her into the assignation. The John is a very kinky father of a mobster.

Joanne didn’t know what she was in for, her naiveté having gotten the best of her. Kelly knew exactly what was going down and finally has second thoughts. The two escape after a stabbing occurs of the John and the chase is on. The taut story has an unexpected climax, and there are  a few deaths, but nothing much changes. Evil is still walking, and the weak and vulnerable are still at the mercy of the more powerful, amoral and lethal

A low-budget kick in the groin.


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