The Other Side of the Street ~ (Brazil, 2004) ~ DVD

Marcos Bernstein’s film is a study of aging and loneliness, cloaked as a murder mystery. Fernanda Montenegro plays Regina,who is a divorcee, living alone with her dog. To give herself something to do, she volunteers asa  sort of elderly crime watcher. Prowling the streets of Rio, looking for crimes.

When home she sits by her window with a pair of binoculars, when one night she sees what appears to be a murder. When she reports it and nothing happens, she wonders why. It seems the man she saw injecting his wife (who died that same night) was a retired and respected  judge. This causes trouble for the police, so they do not pursue the case. This leaves Regina on her own, and she begins her own dangerous investigation.

A good character study, and a middlin’ crime mystery, the performance of Montenegro is the draw here, and sets the film a cut above.


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