The Lovely Bones ~ (USA, 2009) ~ Premium Cable

I hadn’t expected a lot from this film. Although I had not read the popular book by Alice Sebold, the word was that the movie was a poor version. Then again, there was mixed buzz about the book as well from the literati. At some point, there was bones overload. But I quite enjoyed the film, flawed only by some goofy mystical touches near the end. The story concerns a girl who is murdered by the creepy neighbor (Stanley Tucci), who gives a good turn as the pedophile killer (for which he was nominated for an Oscar).

The fanciful story of those departed, bound to earth until their task is complete is becoming tired, and director Peter Jackson breathes no new life into the new-agey atmosphere set before us on the scree. If you liked the book, keep it that way and pass on the film. It’s probably better than it’s made out to be, so if you have not read the book, there’s a few things to like.


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