Red Riding ~ (UK, 2009) ~ Netflix Stream

Based on four novels by cult noir writer, David Peace (who also wrote the novel from which The Damned United was based) this trilogy was hyped up over its limit. This always brings disappointment. I watched all three (1974, 1980, 19831977 was not included due to lack of funds) virtually in one sitting. One of the problems I had with it, was the dialogue which I could never attune my ear to. Usually with British films, after 20 minutes or so, I’m good. For some reason, here, I never fell into that easy listening pace.

It’s stylish in a gritty way, and the level of corruption depicted in the Yorkshire police department is raised to a level rarely seen. The three films are directed by three different director’s, and the three together are uneven at best (Ridley Scott is purportedly set to do a remake).

The common theme is the outsider against the all-Powerful corrupt, good old bad boys: local police, in the pocket journalists, greedy industrialists, the pedophilic clergy. I’d kinda be interested in what Ridley Scott can do with this: a condensation might make for a good film.

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