Pilot &1: NBC’s Undercovers

The premise is goofy: two retired CIA operatives now attempting to make a go of it at catering are pulled back into the  spy game one last time. Then it turns out they still have their mojo. They’ll continue to take special assignments while still running their catering business. Starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Correct.

She’s good as Samantha Bloom and Carter MacIntyre is an interesting character as the couples sometime partner. But I’ve watched the two (and then another) and it looks like the same jokes are going to be repeated episode after episode. That’s not a good sign. Crusty handler Shaw (Gerald McRaney) will show up each week with a new assignment (hello, Charlie’s Angels) and to help, the MacIntyre character will show up and the geek boy (Ben Schwartz) who has a man crush on Gugu’s husband (Boris Kodjoe) will appear as well. Good for a half dozen quips per episode.

I don’t think this has  a long shelf life, but it is slick and well-made. I’ll hang in there a bit more. Short leash.


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