Pilot &1: CBS’s The Defenders

I mostly do not like TV dramas that try to play it both ways – serious and comedic. Burn Notice pulls it off. CBS’s new drama does not. There’s nothing much original here – a cliché ridden mess. It’s set in Las Vegas, so strippers abound. James Belushi is ok, but Jerry O’Connell (as Pete Kaczmarek) is insipid. O’Connell was the deciding factor to pull the plug on this one.

The creators pulled Teddy Sears in to play basically the same part he played in Raising The Bar, a much superior series that was cancelled after two seasons. There he played for the defense and here he’s on the other side. But he’s the same vanilla flavor in both.

The thing about TV lawyer dramas is – and maybe you’ve noticed this – is that all the DA’s are bastards who care only about winning and all the judges are power freaks. Now both of these things may be true in real life, but let’s get some nuance here.

I’m done with this one.


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