Pilot &1: Fox’s Lone Star

Although I wasn’t as enamored with Fox’s new series Lone Star as the critics seem to have been, it did have possibilities for different narrative twists, the promise of something fresh. The series is about a con-man who leads two separate lives in different cities in Texas. After being brought up by his father (played by David Keith, who is a dead ringer for Patrick Swayze at the end of his life, which was somewhat disconcerting), James Wolk (Bob Allen) wants to go straight, but still maintain his dual identities. Wolk has the facial ticks of a young George Clooney.  Then there’s the facial ticks of Jon Voight who has the facial ticks of, well…Jon Voight.

I may have given it another go, since the plot thickened after episode 2, with ‘dad’ wanting to do his own thing after reluctantly agreeing to try it his son’s way. But with 5 1/2 episodes in the can, Fox has scrubbed it already, so I won’t have to make a decision on this one. Quick trigger…Maybe if the millions of people who DVR’d it had only sat down to watch it air live…


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