Pilot & 1: NBC’s The Event

I wanted to check out some new TV dramas for this season, and decided to go about it this way. First, I selected 7 series that looked like they might (just might) have promise. Then I DVR’d the pilot and the second episode, without watching any of them. Just the pilot wouldn’t be enough. They can be intriguing and the series can suck. Sometimes the pilot can be iffy and the second episode really takes off. But I’ll drop the series like a hot potato is it doesn’t show a lot of potential after 2 episodes. It mat get better, but it’ll get better without me.

So, I’ve watched the first one. It’s very popular these days (since 24?) to have black Presidents all over the airwaves, and Blair Underwood is a good enough actor. Maybe the best actor in the series.  But all right already with Laura Innes who has the same vapid monotone that she had all the way back to ER. The rest of the cast fills up space somewhere between these two extremes.

The Event it seems to me is an example of a goofy pilot that tries too hard. What’s with all the plot time traveling/shifting? I’m not impressed with that “innovation.” Don’t know how to tell a story? Tell it like a wall plasterer. Now the second episode seemed to work better, but this one is right on the bubble. I missed the boat on Lost (and this series is so obviously a coat-tail move) so I’m trying to make up for that here. But really the only reason  I’ll continue with the show is because of the simple desire to find out WTF is going to happen!

I have a sneaking suspicion though, that this one may be cancelled before it finishes out the season.


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