Just as I Figured

The 20th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize went off tonight and confirmed the efficacy of something I’ve always believed.

So the award that caught my eye was the management prize, “for showing mathematically that organizations would improve their efficiency if they promoted people at random.” This was the tenet of research by Alessandro Pluchino (University of Catania, Italy).  Think of it. It really is true. I’ve often thought to take this a step further: with the belief that a company would run just as well (certainly as efficiently) if positions were rotated in the company at random. One day the mail clerk. Next day the COO. Next day the cafeteria cashier. There would be several ways to accomplish this. But my favorite would be to have desks (and jobs) allocated on a first some first served basis. Get in early and have your choice of office space for the day. Sit wherever you  want – and take on the job of the office you occupy. This would bring a fresh perspective to the “objectives”.


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