TIFF ’10: Day 5 ~ The Solitude of Prime Numbers (La Solitudine Dei Numeri Primi)

The Solitude of Prime Numbers is Italian Director Saverio Constanzo’s film, based on the wildly successful European hit novel from Paolo Giordano. If I heard right, the book has not been available in Canada as yet, even though it’s been out for some time in the US (even on Kindle). I have not read it, and don’t believe I will, although the film was polished and well crafted. The concept is interesting (two people who know each other living parallel lives, but never really connecting) but the film itself was a bit of a downer.

At the Q&A both the Director and the novelist were on stage as well as Alba Rohrwacher who played the adult Alice. The director was an extremely personable and funny guy who showed his passion for film and film history. He talked toying with the idea of making the film as a horror movie. An idea that the writer did not have a problem with. After all, the fear and pain of growing up can be horror. The novelist is a PHD in particle physics – hence the theme and title of the novel and film. They both collaborated on the script itself, although Giordano freely admitted that Constanzo had free reign.

Based on the success of the novel, the film is very likely to be released internationally, a fact that Costanzo freely acknowledges. He understood only to well, that he has hitched his star to a phenomenon. He talked a bit about the casting, which was interesting, since the two main characters (the prime numbers here) had to have three actors (child, teen, and adult).

Alba Rohrwacher looked healthy and beautiful. I say this because in the later scenes she was anorexic, her ribs showing through, and must have weighed 90 pounds or something. But I don’t know. I guess they can do amazing things with camera angles and make-up these days.

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