TIFF ’10: Day 4 ~ Blessed Events (Glückliche Fügung)

German Director Isabelle Stever seemed just as awkward and uncomfortable as the character in her second film, Simone (Annika Kuhl) at her post screening Q&A.

After a one night New Year’s Eve stand, Simone discovers that she’s pregnant. Coincidentally, she runs into the father who is overjoyed at the ‘blessed event’. Blessed Event, by the way is a bad translation, and (per the Director) should be something like Serendipitous. Babel Fish suggests ‘Happy Adding’. All equally as bad. Perhaps, like the film, it doesn’t translate well (the film is from a short story).

Simone, a naturally secretive woman, a loner, is rightfully suspicious of Hannes, but she can’t put her finger on it. The situation – and Hannes’ devotion – all seem to perfect. Something is going to happen. Simone feels it and the audience is supposed to feel it.

Well, this audience member felt it only mildly. The tension never really kept you on the edge of your seat. The mild tension did keep me wake, however. Sometimes, there’s nothing beneath the surface and life has thrown a petal in your path.

I’m getting cranky on the 4th day of the festival? Sleep deprived?


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