TIFF ’10: The Slate

Well, this time next week I’ll be readying myself for the trip to the airport. Saturday: fly in, check in and pick-up tickets. I have one film Saturday night, and then it’s virtually non-stop from there on in. Or is it out? No matter. I’ve never tried to cram this many films into the festival – what amounts to 19 films in 7 days. Make that 21 films, because I have 19 tickets waiting for  pick-up and vouchers for two more. I noticed that I’ve never had so may English language films on my view list before – what with the UK (3), the USA (2), and Canada (4) – that’s 9 of the 19. Canada. Wow! Of course, TIFF really showcases Canadian film. No surprise there. Films as always are divided into categories like Gala Presentations, Masters,Vanguard, Discovery, Mavericks, Contemporary World Cinema, and Visions. There is also a Canadian Programming section. Film selection is somewhat random, trying to balance both interesting looking films, and timing. With some juggling, disappointments were kept to a minimum, though I have some tight ones. There’s one block of movies where I may have to run from one to the next. Literally! So what about the line-up?

[More at TIFF ’10 page]


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