Light ‘Em All Up

The smear continues against Julian Assange

“Oh, yeah. Look at those dead bastards.”


After “engaging” the enemy, they are through. One victim is trying to crawl away, and they urge him to pick up a weapon so they can finish the job. When a van appears on the scene to pick up the bodies, the adrenalin starts pumping again. They “engage” the van. Picking up dead bodies is somehow an affront. They report that four or five “individuals” were in the van picking up bodies.

When they get a clearer view of the van: “Oh, yeah. Right through the windshield.”

“Ha ha.”

Some of the “individuals” in the van were small children.

“Damn…oh well”

“Well, it’s their fault for bringin’ their kids into a battle.”

“That’s right.”

A Bradley vehicle operator reports that he thinks he just drove over a body.

[laughing] “Really?”


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