The Pool ~ (USA, 2007) ~ Netflix Stream

I was stunned to find that this film in Hindi is actually by an American, Chris Smith, who speaks not a word of the language. It stars Nana Patekar, a legend in the cinema of India, sort of the Paul Newman of that film scene. Most of the rest of the cast however, are non-professionals. It’s beautifully filmed and spools out at a perfect pace.

Set in Goa, two illiterate friends work at menial jobs. When the oldest one becomes obsessed with a pool up in the hills owned by a rich man of few words, he befriends first the owner and then his daughter. Slowly we come to understand that there is some tragedy here as the pool goes unused. As the owner take a gruff liking to the oldest (Venkatesh), he begins to offer advice, and his simple philosophy. He offers to educate him in Bombay, and Venkatesh considers it long and hard.

Ultimately, Venkatesh takes the man’s advice to heart, and the movie ends in an act of extreme and satisfying generosity. Really a wonderful and touching film.


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