The Finkler Question ~ Howard Jacobson

Jacobson’s novel is one that seems more erudite and wise than it ultimately ends up being. It just skims the surface of brilliance, and remains uncomfortably forgettable. I wish I could say that the “Jewish question” kept my attention, but this was a mind wanderer of a book. The only thing that kept me reading on (aside from my near unshakeable compulsion to always do so to avoid missing something) was the irreverent humor. Jacobson is funny. Yes, I’ll give him that.

[more at Booker Page 2010]



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3 responses to “The Finkler Question ~ Howard Jacobson

  1. PatD

    I almost bought this one. I’m glad I waited for your review, Charlie.

  2. Hey, Pat. I can send you that one if you’d like.

  3. PatD

    No, thanks. Your review pretty much crossed it off my list.

    Keep your eyes out for “Joe Speedboat,” I’m really liking this Dutch import, also if you haven’t seen Mads in “Prague” rent it asap. I thought of you the whole time I watched it.

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