I had just recently finished reading a book called The Slap, when I came across this news piece. In the novel, one of the guests at a family barbecue, slaps the young son of another family member. The shit storm that ensues is the stuff of the novel, not the ethical questions of corporal punishment on a child.

The slap in the news was from a mother of her own infant son, not an extended family member. And it took place, not at a family gathering, but in the confines of a Southwest Airlines flight. The story here was that the flight attendant intervened after the mother (traveling with her husband and chid) slapped the infant.

The mother later told police she “popped” the tired tot when the child kicked her, because “when she’s screaming and she can’t hear me say no, that’s the only way I can get her to stop.”

The use of the word “popped” to describe disciplining a kid says all we need to know about mom’s parenting skills.


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