The Ghost Writer ~ (2010, Fr/Germany/UK) ~ DVD

Roman Polanski reaches back to the suspense, the sinister atmosphere of Chinatown, for this political thriller. Aided by a sparkling cast including Ewan McGregor as the ghost writer, Olivia Williams as the disgraced politicians wife, and (surprisingly) Kim Cattrall as his political handler and mistress. As in earlier Polanski films: nothing is what it seems.

Pierce Brosnan is Adam Lang, the former British Prime Minister who has been writing his memoirs with a ghost writer. When that ghost writer is mysteriously found washed up from the sea, Ewan McGregor is selected to finish the job. But political scandal breaks out involving the CIA, renditions, waterboarding, all of which leads to war crimes charges against Lang.

McGregor, the ghost writer, is propelled into a place he really doesn’t want to be – he just wants to do his job and get out, but there is a part of him that still retains a respect for the truth. But the truth can be dangerous, and pursuing can turn unexpectedly deadly.


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