Shutter Island ~ (USA, 2010) ~ DVD

Martin Scorsese filmed version of Dennis Lehane’s novel was pretty much what I thought it would be. An average film based on an average novel. The only surprise here was the ending, and, having read the novel, I was ready for that. But really. How many times can you be watching a scene and the character sits up suddenly in bed? Oh, it was all a dream.

The scenery – the steep cliffs, the hard to get to lighthouse, the dark hallways of the ‘asylum for the criminally insane’ –  are all very forbidding. The core cast – Leonardo Dicaprio, Ben Kingsley, Max Von Sydow – fulfilled their requirements admirably. Both Kingsley and Von Sydow were sinister in the way they were supposed to be, while Leonardo was the drug addled, hallucinatory FBI agent sent to Shutter Island to solve the mystery of a missing patient.

Not one of Scorcese’s best movies, nor one of Lehane’s best novels. But star appeal (including the director, the writer, and several of the stars) hauled in $125Million. Ka-ching.


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