Mad Men Return

Maybe it had a lot to get through, with all the changes from the end of last season, but the premiere for this season was rough around the edges. Don having slappy sex? That was a false note if I ever saw one. At the end though, he seems to have come around and is prepared to kick some ass. When he read the riot act to the swim suit company, one had to wonder if he’d lost it, or if he had seen the rising tide of conservatism, and didn’t particularly like what he saw. He was right, though. Skin sells, and you’re only fooling yourself if you don’t own up to it.

Peggy appears to have progressed to a confident professional, not afraid to take chances. The Sterling-Cooper contingent is about where they’re always at: smokin’ and trolling. Maybe it was Peggy who got Don motivated in the end. Next week’s episode will be an important one. Can the show get its mojo back, or will is slide off the table?


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