The Eclipse ~ (Ireland, 2009) ~ DVD

Irish playwright Conor McPherson wrote and directed this atmospheric, but thin film. Atmospheric is one of those descriptive words that sometimes also drag along connotations of slow and dark. Such is the case here.

Ciarán Hinds plays Michael Farr, a recently widowed man raising two kids alone. Michael has worked (volunteered?) at an Irish literary festival for the past ten years. He also sees dead people. At this years festival, Michael is assigned to steer around the author of a book called The Eclipse, Lena Morelle (played by Iben Hjejle). Also at the festival is prolific writer, all around cad (he’s married) and boozer, Nicholas Holden (Aidan Quinn). It seems that Lena and Nicholas have something of a history. Things spiral out of control even as Michael and Lena begin to connect.

Breaking the subdued mode is a silly fight scene between the two suitors for the affections of Lena, with Lena joining in. Cringe worthy.

I generally have no problems with movies that fade to black without any true resolution. When this one did though, I gave it a “you’ve got to be kidding me” shrug.



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2 responses to “The Eclipse ~ (Ireland, 2009) ~ DVD

  1. PatD

    Great performances in this flick, though. Classic fight scene.

  2. Yes, the acting was great Scandanavian actress with whom I was not familiar. And, Pat. We almost NEVER disagree. But the fight scene just didn’t work for me.

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