Catching up

I’m off tomorrow to see a very old friend whom I lost contact with many years ago. He and his new wife have a place above St. Johnsbury, Vermont. It will be strange to see him. I think of myself as the same person I was way back when, but when I see D, I’d guess that fantasy will go out the window.

Mirrors lie, but contemporaries hide nothing.

A few weeks after that, I’ll be off to Maine to see C again (I had caught up with her in New York during Tribeca). We’ll have more time to review old times up in Maine.

There’s still another friend I cannot find. Seems he’s off the grid, which is hard to do these days, even if (like D) you want to be.



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2 responses to “Catching up

  1. Safe travels and happy trails, Charlie. Say hi to Vermont for me!

  2. Hi, Lisa. Wow! Bread and Puppet. Do you remember them from the Lower East Side in the sixties? Well, now they’re in Vermont and still going strong. I visited the Museum today, but hope to get back up there for a full pageant on August 1st.

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