Adversity thy name is Red Sox

I’m sitting here watching another Red Sox game, and marvelling at how this cobbled together team can possibly be where they are. Injuries are part of the game, as is often pointed out. But the series of injuries that this team has endured and come back from is astounding. Tonight, for instance, only the corners of the infield are intact. In the outfield, where I don’t believe the spring training starting outfield has EVER played together, there’s a scrub league player who was cut from his college team in left. In right the oft-injured JD Drew is back from another injury, and Jacoby Ellsbury has been out from, the very beginning.

This is a team that fell almost out of it, but had a monster June and may again be but one game out,  with 2 games separating them from the third place Rays. It’s been a crazy year, and it’s  not even all-star time.

I’m optimistic, since at some point we should expect the entire team to on the field at the same time. wouldn’t that be something?


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