Peacock ~ (USA, 2010) ~ DVD

Peacock is Peacock, Nebraska, a small town that is the home to a meek and reclusive bank clerk. Inside his home, John co-exists with Emma, his alter ego. No one knows of Emma’s existence until the caboose of a political whistle stop train runs off the rails and exposes John’s secret. But the town, his co-workers  nor anyone else ever suspects that John and Emma are one and the same.

It’s a fascinating psychological struggle between two aspects of the bank clerks/housewife’s personality. The real story is which one ascends and which one fades away.  Too bad this movie was buried in a direct to DVD release, never to be seen by most of the viewing public.

Cillian Murphy opens as the housewife, but doesn’t keep us in the dark for long as the wig comes off and John dresses for work. An eerie scene. Murphy is supported by Ellen Page, Susan Sarandon, Bill Pullman, and Keith Carradine. Not your normal B film line-up.

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