Edge of Darkness ~ (UK, 2010) ~ DVD

Revenge movies are made with no apologies to anyone. It’s all about the visceral kick, the kick in the ribs, the blood spattered out the back of the head of the bad guy. Movies like this are manipulative and have “no redeeming social value.”

We know what is being offered up going in – or at least we should. Pay attention!

Here the villains and vices are corporate greed and political avarice. Easy targets for non-sympathetic eyes and ears.

Mel Gibson sleepwalks through his role as a veteran detective whose daughter is shot to death before his eyes.  He enters the tangles web to find the killer. The bright spot is Ray Winstone (no surprise), who plays Jedburgh (or Capt. Jedburgh as he likes to be called). Mysterious and philosophical he remains an enigma to the end.

Not exactly Oscar worthy, but entertaining in its own way.


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