I only hung with this series because the music was so good. But the ‘story’ hung by a tenuous thread from the music., dangling out there all by itself. Sometimes it seemed that we’ll do this or we’ll do that because we have to transition to the music someway. Steve Zahn (Davis McAlary), Wendell Pierce (Antoine Batiste), Lucia Micarelli (Annie), and Kim Dickens (Janette Desautel) were terrific (another reason to hang with the show – Pierce and Micarelli either are really good musicians, or they faked it really well). But honestly, I was not sorry to see John Goodman bow out. I didn’t like the part and I didn’t like him.

Given all that, I thought the final episode was killer, with everything pulled together. Even the flashback, which many times don’t work well, added a nice touch. This was a surprise, since narrative had not seemed important up until the end. Nine episodes without much storyline line, led me in a different direction, until the sudden episode ten (and final?)

It doesn’t seem like there will be a second season, but I don’t know. Maybe.



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2 responses to “Treme

  1. PatD

    Yes. It’s been renewed for another season.

    I also read that David Simon’s next project is about the assassination of Abe Lincoln.

  2. Hmmm. Not sure where they can take this next.

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