From Paris With Love ~ (France, 2010) ~ DVD

Directed by Pierre Morel, this production (and story) by Luc Besson is stylish and action packed. Well, stylish and Besson go together, right? This movie is loads of fun, at least as far as John Travolta is concerned (you’ve probably seen the trailers). It’s got John and firepower (bang-bang-bang) but not a whole lot else. Travolta is a CIA operative in Paris on a mission that reveals itself  at its own pace. He’s an old hand and when something absolutely, positively has to get done, Charlie Wax (Travolta) is the guy they call on.

Henry VIII plays…I mean Jonathan Rhys Myers plays an attaché assigned to the US Ambassador in Paris, James Reece. Myers shows the same sneer that his Tudors character does, sort of a snicker. It’s a dead give-away. Reece is a would be spy who really doesn’t have the disposition for the job that Charlie Wax does. But Charlie takes him under his wing and they do the buddy-bonding thing. After a high body count and lots of two-handed firepower, things turn out well. Bad guys are defeated, good guys win.

File this one under stupid and fun.

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