You Don’t Know Jack ~ (USA, 2010) ~ Cable

A surprisingly thought-provoking movie about a sensitive issue, as well as a brilliant character study of a complicated man. Even better, Al Pacino – the Al that had a great run there for a while – has turned in his best performance in years. Brenda Vaccaro and Susan Sarandon are particularly good as well. John Goodman? Well, I just can’t tolerate him anymore and I’m not  sure why. Treme sealewd the deal.

Jack Kervorkian was a man who ultimately sacrificed himself for the cause. Whether this was a calculated risk, or an act of hubris may be debatable. Where are we on this issue now? I don’t really know. But it seems to have died down. Probably because the time is not right. It doesn’t fit into the health care debate, does it?


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