Daisy, Walgreen’s and Prohibition

My medicinal dream yesterday got me to thinking. I had heard an NPR podcast last week of Fresh Air. TG was interviewing Daniel Okrent who has written a book about Prohibition: “Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.” The new fact that I had not known is that during Prohibition there was a big trade in alcohol. For a fee, one could get a license to purchase alcohol for medicinal purposes. The licences were sold by doctors, and the prescriptions were filled at  “drug stores”. It was during this period that Walgreen grew exponentially. Some said it was the introduction of the soda fountain milkshake. Others, that it was the easiest and legal place to get alcohol.

Daisy’s husband had it right. Daisy knew that Jay Gatsby had a lot of drug stores and assumed that there’s where Gatsby made his fortune. But Tom Buchanan knew that the real driver was alcohol. For medicinal purposes.


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