I only dream for medicinal purposes…

I don’t dream anymore. Maybe some, but rarely and I don’t remember much of what I dream anyway. But last night, I had a dream about medicines, pills. Now I’ve never been a medicine taker either. I even resist aspirin. If I wait long enough, it’ll go away. Now due to one thing and another, I need to take stuff all the time it seems. There’s my chemo. There’s my anti-nausea pill. There’s my anti seizure medication. There’s the vitamin D I had to take for awhile. There the regimen of eye drops which I’m having to take for a month. Now, occasionally I have to take a pill for heartburn. I think all the crap gives me heartburn.

So I had a dream about medicines, as I said. I don’t remember what it was about, but I spend so much time taking medicines these days, that they’re on my mind, I guess. Seems to me they were melting somehow. Wonder what melting medicines signify?

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