Bum Rushmore

Worshippers of the late President and would be deity Ronald Reagan, would love to see his mug on Mt. Rushmore, but it’s a little crowded up there. If they could squeeze him up there, they probably would. Next best thing? Republicans decided Reagan needed a place in the New Hampshire “Presidential” mountain range – a range that includes Mounts for Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Pierce and Monroe.. Mt Clay seemed a likely candidate for a name change. Henry Clay, after all, was a lowly Senator.

New Hampshire legislators approved the name change, but it was just denied by the Federal agency that owns the land. Republicans, of course, are up in arms. over the diss. States rights and all that. Something called The Reagan Legacy Project has vowed to name something – anything will do – for Ronnie in every state of the union. How about a sewage pumping station? Or a Wal-Mart?


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