An Education ~ (UK, 2009) ~ DVD

Lone Scherfig’s film (screenplay by Nick Hornby) is very “British”, and consequently some American audience members may find it hard to relate to. But here’s DollHouse Madam Olivia Williams again. Fresh off seeing her as Ian Dury’s wife (sex & drugs & rock & roll), here she is again as Miss Stubbs, the protector of morality (and Jenny’s virginity). A much acclaimed film, I’m just not sure that it was all that!

Playboy grifter seduces young girl like. Coming of age, yadaa.  Carey Mulligan (Jenny) as the young girl was good, but it was a role of limited requirements really. The two male leads were the meat of the film. Peter Sarsgaard (David), of course plays his role with understated intensity. Alfred Molina does a good job as Jenny’s father – a man even more wide eyed that his daughter, even though he wants to exude worldliness it eludes him. It’s Dominic Cooper, a small role really, that stands out. He plays Danny’s partner in crime,  Danny. He smolders, and is really, really decadent. Good for him.

I went into the film with expectations probably set too high. Avoid that mistake and you’ll very likely enjoy this one.


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